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Why are we different to anybody else that can advise your business about Workers Compensation?

Hi my name is Jason Doueihi I run the company – Workers Compensation Specialists. Ultimately we are passionate about ensuring businesses have the right Workers Compensation policy structure specific to their business or industry……why is that so special? Well there are instances where we have been able to save business owners and companies that have employees thousands and in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars just because they were not aware that there are options when it comes to restructuring their policy.

We have worked successfully with clients in varying degrees. We are particularly driven to help small to medium businesses ensure they are not faced with unnecessary premium increases. We are there to manage the situation when businesses experience unexpected events protecting your interest and help you to make sure your employers are taken care of properly on your behalf.

Our Professional Diagnostic Review costs you nothing. By obtaining a small amount of information from you, WCS will quickly provide a professional opinion as to whether you should engage us. In the first instance, we simply confirm whether amending your policy structure will save you money then it is completely up to you whether you want us to take action for you.

The value we can add does not stop at policy structure. Separately WCS can help manage your policy and claims ongoing to make sure in the case where there are workplace injuries our clients’ and their employees are managed efficiently by their insurer. This can also provide employers with significant savings in the long run, avoiding premium increases and other costs associated when claims are mismanaged.

Let the experts take care of it for you.  Once our clients’ see how much we can save them they are surprised how easy it is for us to set the new structure for them saving them literally thousands of dollars.

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